Who is Fatima?

Assalamu Alaikum, I’m Fatima! 

An infopreneur, positive-vibes kinda-gal & grateful Muslimah dedicated to helping women get organised & create a lifestyle they love.

As you would  have guessed, I am the one & only behind everything that happens over here at By Fatima. I am an Australian-born, busy mother of 3 who has found a passion for productivity, where I write actionable articles over at my blog, as well as run online programs with readership & members from around the world.


How did I get into this?

I started By Fatima to share organisation tips & encouraging people to take action in their everyday lives, then it moved onto providing more specific productivity training as I received more questions on how to be productive, especially for busy working mothers.

I am self-taught, appreciating the work of Brendon Burchard & Marie Forleo, with a tonne of experience in living a stressful, disorganised life to transforming myself into a productivity whiz, who gets so much done that I now live a lifestyle that is fulfilling & one I love so very much alhamdulillah.

So, this is my quick story:

There was a point in my life where I was quite overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated as I became a busy, working mother but when I realised I need to get out of this awful mindset I knew it wasn’t because of what I had or didn’t have in my life (alhamdulillah every day for everything) but it was how I was living my life that needed to change … First thing I did to overcome my situation was gratitude, then I began to look into getting organised, being more productive, being more time-wise & living with purpose. Alhamdulillah, I still get stressed & overwhelmed sometimes (it is a part of life) but I now know the strategies to overcome those feelings a lot faster … These strategies/tools/information is what I share here with you my friend.

So take a moment & have a look around as I share with you cups full of interesting information & inspirational stories plus a big pinch of creative adventures & Muslimah relevance.

PS: If you who want to continuously learn & be inspired to be more & do more, all within an Islamic context, then this is the online space for you. I believe life is short & that we need to act upon this known fact by asking questions, seeking answers, & contributing positively to society. Each of our lives are different, not all women have access to the same resources & opportunities, but each of us can do something (anything) to better our lives, the lives of others & the world around us.

PSS: I am also a bit of a stationery junky #notsorry #lovemypens&paper