Can Cravings Lead to Addiction?

If you’re anything like me there’s a particular unhealthy snack that you can’t resist & crave sometimes. For me its potato chips!

Knowing it’s not good for my body or skin I’ve always had to work at making sure I don’t overdo it on those salty processed crunch things. And I’ve always worried about whether succumbing to the cravings every time will lead to addiction.

Addiction may sound rather dramatic when I’m only talking about chips, but what I’m really asking is – what is it about these chips that attract me in the first place & why do I feel “better” afterwards?

We all have heard about the harsh realities of drug & alcohol addiction & how it can only give a temporary high for the user. And that really is the same with most addictions whether it’s gambling or food.

Eventually, the highs you get becomes something you want more often & then daily.

Whilst my cravings are certainly not a weekly or daily thing, though it can easily become so, I think ensuring that I’m aware of this unhealthy choice & telling myself it’s not good for me ensures I resist them often times than not.

Resisting means saying no when offered chips by others, avoiding the chips aisle when shopping & eating healthy.