Create Chore Shortcuts

The endless list of chores to do around the home can make even the most organised amongst us feel like we’re not doing enough. This usually has to do with how we use our time & how much we can dedicate to housework.

One thing we can do to make chores easier is to create shortcuts which allow the jobs to be completed a lot faster. This includes:

  • Establishing routines. Have a consistent approach to how you undertake certain chores, such as what days, what time & how you complete them.
  • Cleaning kits. Create cleaning kits for your kitchen, bathroom & laundry rooms so you always have your cleaning supplies on hand.
  • Put things away. When you’re done with something be in the habit to put the item away so as not build up clutter.
  • Live minimally. Consider having a minimalist approach to the items you have around your home. Having lots of things on display can make it harder to clean & tidy around.