How to Create Plans & Lists that Work For You

“I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, my diary/planner is my best friend! It listens as I write down notes & tasks I need to do, it cheers me on as I cross out my to-do’s, & it doesn’t mind if I miss a task & move it to the next day.”

A diary/planner is intended to keep all the tasks you need to do on hand so you remember them & are allocated a specific time frame so that you meet deadlines. It can be a simple notebook or a sophisticated daily planner – it doesn’t matter as long as it works for you.

I’ve always been a to-do list maker, but ever since getting organised, I’ve used a daily planner to keep on track & stay focused.

How to choose a diary/planner.

Selecting a dairy or planner can be overwhelming because there’s so much to choose from these days!

However, if you keep in mind what kind of time you want to track (eg. daily, weekly) & what style you prefer it will be much easier to make a choice.

There’s a lot of options out there for diaries & planners such as:

  • Printable planner pages or inserts
  • Planner inserts
    • Day to a page
    • Week to 2 pages
  • Hardcover planners

Making a decision can factor in:

  • Amount of writing space you need
  • Extra sections you require, such as goal planning pages, monthly expenditure pages or notes pages
  • Aesthetic & style as one motivation to use it
  • Size if its something you will carry around

How to use a diary/planner.

The best way to use a diary or planner, in my opinion, is to give it the attention it needs when filling it in & when referring to it each day.


  • writing in your diary/planner at the beginning of a new week for the week ahead
  • writing in your diary/planner each night & make changes if schedules or time demands change
  • have the diary/planner with you all day, need it be on your desk at home, on the kitchen table or in your car
  • allow the diary/planner to help you schedule & organise your days
    • let “I need to check my diary” be something you do actually say!

What About Checklists?

Checklist systems are just that checklists! Where you list out tasks to do on certain days & at certain times, & then tick them off once completed.

It can be used like to-do lists, for projects, or decluttering, cleaning or organising your home.

I have a cleaning checklist which tracks my daily, weekly & monthly cleaning tasks, as well as checklists for specific projects so that all tasks are planned for.

How to create a checklist.

Writing a checklist requires doing the following:

  • Identifying what the checklist is for
  • Listing out the tasks/items required for the outcome to be completed
  • Dedicating items/tasks to certain days/times
  • Ensuring the checklist is at hand
  • Having a snazzy pen ready to check the lists!


Hope this helps,