How to Deal with Organising Hurdles

There are many reasons why people find themselves disorganised – it could be their personality, lack of focus or lack of energy (which was my case).

Below I’ve listed a few common complaints from people who say they cannot be organised & what can be done about it.

Please note: I’ve not mentioned any health concerns here as I’ve written about that here.

No support/help.

Any help or support you can get, especially if you’re a working mother, can do wonders!

It can give you more time or ease any pressures, but what about those that don’t have any support?

Well, unfortunately, we cannot just make help appear so you in this case you’d need to take your time even more seriously & consider it even more valuable. This would involve working out exactly what to do in each of your waking hours & having tried & tested organisational systems in place that actually work for you too.

Young children.

When you’ve got a newborn or young children they need your attention more than ever, which means less time to do other things.

If help/support is not an issue this is my first advice – ask for help, whether it’s a fresh cooked meal, a few hours of child-minding or a weekly house cleaner. The idea is that you get some time to do things without young children, which means using those hours wisely.

Small spaces.

When I was living with lots of clutter one thing I’d mention to my husband is that our home was so small & that I didn’t have enough storage. And whilst this was partly true for a family of five – it was really the amount of stuff & my organising systems which needed an overhaul.

We did eventually move to a bigger home with more than enough storage, however as I’ve continued to learn how to get organised small spaces is not really an issue any more. I recommend a sseriousdeclutter if you have small spaces to deal with & lots of vertical organisation.

“Can’t see it”.

I once watched a snippet of a show where a guy was complaining about coming home from work to a messy home & his wife’s reaction was that she “couldn’t see it” – & not in the literal she’s going blind sense but that the mess didn’t bother her.

Now I didn’t finish the show so I’m not sure what the outcome was, but I found myself relating to this a bit.

When I had my second child & was exhausted I also didn’t always see the stuff laying around, I didn’t always see the cupboards bursting at the seams or the toys scattered all over, until it got too far & then one day I saw it all!

If you refer to my article on visual bliss, you’ll know that visually we can get used to clutter or become upset subconsciously. Either way, you need to see it, you need to feel it otherwise you won’t be able to tackle it.

Excuses galore.

If you use any excuse to not get organised then this may not be the best place for you – as I want to see you organised!

Whether it’s blaming time, family, work or health – each of them has a solution if you’re willing to acknowledge & take some action on them. Excuses get you absolutely nowhere & instead keep you stuck in your ways.

All the best,