Declutter: Kitchen Drawers

Walking through your kitchen you can easily forget all the clutter that lays within each closed drawer. However, if you want to cook & serve your snacks & meals quick & easily, then you better get them decluttered pronto!

The time when I had the most cluttered kitchen drawers is when I got married & moved into my home. Shopping for household items plus wedding gifts & new home gifts really compounded how many items I accumulated.

Below I’ll share how I decluttered my kitchen drawers & work at keeping them this way.

How to declutter

Decluttering as you’ve heard me mention before is all about deciding what to keep, throw away or donate. It sounds like such a simple process, however, many get overwhelmed when having to make such decisions.

My best advice is to create 3 piles (you can use recyclable plastic bags or boxes) & label them – keep, rubbish & donate. Doing this will streamline the decluttering process & help you understand what kinds of things you use & what you don’t use (an important part of living organised when it comes to shopping habits too).

  • Keep – items that you use often or will have an immediate use for
  • Rubbish – items that are broken or in poor condition
  • Donate – items you do not use, in good to new condition

Still stuck?

If you find you’re still stuck when it comes to placing items in the keep or donate piles because you’re worried you may need them at some stage look at it this way:

If you haven’t used a particular item in 6 months, have no immediate plans to & can afford a new one if a use becomes apparent in the future, then it may be best to decide to donate it.

All other items that you do use, especially the daily items, should be kept in higher drawers & easily accessible.

How to maintain clutter-free drawers

Maintaining your newly decluttered drawers is a great way to avoid having to go through the process all over again.

You can do this by:

  • Placing items back neatly & where they belong
  • Shopping wisely by buying what you need/what you’ll use
  • Avoiding shop sales or attractive price tags
  • Dedicating time regularly to go through your kitchen drawers to see if there’s anything you’re no longer using

What next?

Once you’ve decluttered & understand how to maintain clutter-free drawers you can:

  • Invest in durable & functional storage systems
  • Move on to other areas within your kitchen
    • Benchtops
    • Cupboards
    • Pantry
    • Refrigerator

Hope you found this helpful in getting your kitchen drawers under control & clutter-free.

Happy organising,