How to Effectively Introduce New Daily Habits


Habits are small tasks we do often & are not always easy to give up.

In order to get organised though you may need to stop certain habits & adopt new ones.

To stop habits which you think interfere with having an organised lifestyle, think about the consequences of them.

Examples of habits which can impact an organised lifestyle include:

  • Missing meals such as breakfast
  • Not returning items back to where they belong
  • Answering social media notifications each time they arrive

Why You Need New Habits.

Adopting new habits may not always be easy to do immediately because we get used to how we react & what we do.

But learning to introduce new habits that enable us to live more organised & create a life we love is a great reason to do so.

Overall, habits should be positive & contribute to your wellbeing. Any habits that interfere with your quest for an organised lifestyle or self-development should be identified & unadopted if possible.

How to Create New Habits.

Learning new habits requires that you regularly take action because when getting organised you need to apply processes that help you overcome chaos & maintain it.

New habits which can help with an organised lifestyle include:

  • Doing a load of laundry every morning
  • Placing items back where they belong after use
  • Cleaning the kitchen before bed
  • Tidying up your desk at the end of each work day