Faith’s Role in Healthy Energy

Faith & Prayer
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The topic of faith is rightly considered a personal one, where it’s “each to their own”. What you or I believe doesn’t really matter because our faith in a religion (or not) is about personal conviction & contentment. However, having faith or being confused about it can certainly impact our wellbeing.

If you have faith in something it’s not easy to let it go. It gives you comfort because you have purpose & find clarity in what those beliefs are about. You’re not easily confused or deterred from these beliefs & your heart always wants to learn more or be closer to this spiritual side.

But when your faith is shaky, the opposite is true. Confusion sets in, more questions arise & the purpose of life is unknown. This can weigh heavy on your mind, have you living a monotonous life – repeating routines & days with no balance against what your intentions are or what you’re striving for.

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Does healthy energy need faith?

Our diet, our fitness, our self-care, our faith – healthy energy needs each of these. What we eat is nutrition for our body, consistent movement leads to better stamina, making time for ourselves is good mental health & faith allows us to remember life is beyond what we can see & touch in this world.

When we truly believe that their’s more to life, that there’s a Creator that we can turn to, Who Guides us, Protects us & Answers our prayers, our hearts feel ease. We may feel a sense of gratitude & contentment, which can give us an added boost to our energy levels.

We can go from feeling despair & confusion, which can impact what we eat & whether we take care of ourselves to finding comfort in our faith. Any positive contributions to our mental state (not to say that faith alone can help) is always a plus.

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How to have more faith for more energy.

As stated in the beginning, faith is a personal one. So there is no one answer or one journey for a person to take in order to seek faith or spirituality. You can either go it alone or take some close, open-minded friends & family on the path with you.

Being inquisitive about the meaning of life, why we’re here is a good start to learn about your faith & spiritual side. Asking questions of those that would have the answers is ideal & don’t rely on sources that don’t have first-hand experience or scholarly knowledge.

If you’re into personal development, you’ll know there’s so much talk about gratitude & it’s positive impact on our wellbeing – but who are you being grateful to?

Maybe there’s more to just working, entertaining ourselves, volunteering & sleeping?