Why Healthy Energy is as Important as Time Management

Healthy energy is all about being able to naturally create the momentum & stamina required to perform certain activities.

When it comes to living more organised healthy energy is just as important as time management in order to get things done. And one thing I say often is “productivity thrives amongst healthy energy” & I believe this 100%.

Let me explain …

If you picture a time when you were tired but had lots of work to do – what was the result of your work?

  • Was it lack lustre?
  • Do you think you could have done a better job if you had more energy?

Well, in my experience things like a lack of solid sleep, over-consumption of coffee & under-eating all impacted my ability to stay on top of my home keeping such as regular decluttering & organising because it caused low energy. I was quickly worn out & too tired to do the extra stuff I wanted to do on top of mothering my children.

This then brings me to the reason I add “healthy” when I mention energy, which is because there are many ways to create “fake” energy. This is through habits like the over-consumption of caffeine, energy drinks or diet shakes which can bring you down just as quickly as they bring you up.

Healthy energy is such an important issue which needs to be prioritised, especially by working mothers whose demands on their time sky-rockets as both a parent & employee/employer.

It’s especially important when we know our bodies have an amana, a right over us, meaning we need to look after it & nourish it with what is halal & tayyib (wholesome).

Also as mentioned prior, productivity is significantly reduced if we don’t have healthy energy to pursue our day to day tasks.

What we eat & drink & limited physical activity all can contribute to tiredness & other illnesses, which is not where trying to get things done will thrive.

So, your health is so incredibly important & I want you to make it a priority starting right NOW in’sha’Allah!

And if you know my back story, you’ll know how important this topic is to me. If you don’t know or can’t remember it, here it is:

“I dealt with very low energy after I had my second child – from looking at me, you would’ve thought I was fine – but I was exhausted, not eating enough, drinking too much coffee & this meant I wasn’t able to keep up with the clutter of toys, books, paperwork & clothes which accompanies parenthood & life in general!

I realised I had a lot to be grateful for alhamdulillah but HOW I was living everyday was far from ideal. When I finally saw my doctor & began getting my energy back it was then easy to declutter & reorganise – however I still need to constantly keep up with my energy levels by watching what I eat, limiting my coffee cups & exercising.

A point to mention here is just because someone has a small frame, it doesn’t mean they’re healthy on the inside!

I do not offer any specific health advice & do encourage everyone to consult a health professional should they have any questions or concerns with their energy levels or health in general.”

In order to generate healthy energy, especially if you have very low energy, requires a massive mind shift.

You’ll need to be committed to making changes to what foods you consume & introducing any physical activity into your life. Ideally, doing these two together will create faster results.

Disclaimer: the following information is only of a general nature & should not be regarded as health advice suitable for you. Always consult a registered healthcare provider before implementing any new health practices.

Because our bodies are all different there is no one way to generate healthy energy & it may require some trial & error, observing physiological patterns & consulting health care professionals.

There is, however, a quick question list below that can get you started in’sha’Allah as well as considering a food diary & finding an exercise/fitness routine that fits your lifestyle.

Healthy energy requires that you ask:

  • What part of your lifestyle is making you lack energy
    • Is it the food you eat?
    • Are you unwell?
  • Which foods to eat that provide sustained energy all day
    • What do you need to eat more of?
    • What do you need to eat less of?
  • Which meals to avoid as they provide no nutrition
    • What foods contain “empty calories”?
    • What ingredients can be replaced with better options?
  • Which physical activity to do for your mind & body
  • Ways to stay consistent with what’s working

Start a food diary.

A food diary is something that allows you to track what you’re eating to see if there are any links to what you consume with how you feel throughout the day.

It’s also a good tool to have so you can share what you write down with any healthcare professionals you meet, & explain to them if any foods caused any issues/symptoms (eg. severe bloating, weight gain, skin conditions).

Ideally, this may then help them find you a remedy or a diagnosis.

“I’ve personally written a few food diaries since working on my healthy energy & it helped me come to the conclusion that I needed to drink more water, reduce my coffee intake, & have healthier snack options available especially around the time of menstruating, which is when I normally crave salty foods like potato chips.”

How to start a food diary:

  1. Find a blank notebook & date it each day
  2. List ALL the foods you eat & drink, including cups of water or small snacks
  3. If any, note down reactions you get after eating certain meals or ingredients (eg. indigestion, bloating, fatigue)
  4. Before bed, review each day & ask yourself:
    • What was my water intake like? Tally the number of cups/bottles.
    • Is their any non-nutritious food that could be avoided the next day?
    • Did you over-eat certain foods such as coffee or chocolate?
  5. Continue this diary for at least 5 days
  6. Review the diary after 5 days & see if you can notice any overall patterns about what you ate & how you felt afterwards or at the end of the day.
  7. Consider sharing your diary with a healthcare professional to discuss how you can build your healthy energy

Start exercising.

Unfortunately for many of us, when we get busy, exercise is one of the first things we drop off our list (if we’re not careful). However, when we’re busy it’s one of the best things we can do to release any stress & tension & to clear our minds.

A fitness routine, whether you like it easy or sweaty, is an important example of self-care, especially as our lives become more & more sedentary (less physically mobile).

Many choose to add exercise to their morning routines, some use exercise as their daily “me time” hour & by being consistent with it they’re building healthy energy (as long as their diet is good too) & will have an increased chance of being productive.

Exercise options.

If you want to stop making excuses for why you’re not being physically active below are some options even the busiest of us can do.

  • On your work lunch break
    • Go for a long walk to purchase your lunch rather than driving
    • Consider a nearby gym for a quick 30-minute fitness session (ensure it has appropriate shower facilities)
  • With a friend or family member
    • This will not only motivate you but you’ll have an instant accountability to each other too
  • At home
    • Consider live-streaming workouts, register for online fitness classes or watch a fitness DVD
      • I personally exercise at home following a yoga DVD & treadmill
  • On your way to/from work or school
    • Make exercise an extension of your day by adding it on your way to work or after work, or just before you pick up your children from school
  • Housework as exercise
    • Forget about the “easy way” to clean & get into it – vacuuming & mopping especially can be a mini-workout
      • What a great way to exercise because you’re cleaning your home at the same time!
  • Daily or once a week
    • Commit to either a daily or weekly exercise schedule that works well with your other responsibilities
  • Ask for help
    • Find someone (you trust) who can look after your young children whilst you go exercise for an hour
      • If you find a helper you avoid any excuses for why you don’t exercise
      • Personally, I exercise as soon as my husband comes back from work because that’s when he can spend the most time with his children

Let me know what ways you’re going to create more healthy energy?