How a Food Diary Can Predict Your Energy

If you’re somebody who is experiencing regular energy slumps, one very important lifestyle factor to delve into is your eating habits. Taking a closer look at what food you eat & when will help you understand the benefits or impacts these food decisions are having on your health, your energy & even your mood.

It makes sense that what we consume is the ‘fuel’ we’re relying on to get through the day. And so it’s a no-brainer that the fresher & more nutritious your meals are the better you’ll feel. However, even the healthiest of eaters will find that their energy plummets & will find a food diary useful.

By keeping a food diary for at least a week you can begin to notice patterns with what you eat, when you ate & how you felt immediately or a few hours later. Writing down all the food & drinks that you consume & then looking at the times when you felt your energy drop or a ‘mood’ set in can be helpful.

Patterns such as needing caffeine to start your mornings (guilty!), craving chocolate when you’re stressed & going overboard when it comes to processed junk food during menses can all be identified with the help of a food diary.

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How do you start a food diary?

Ideally, you want to choose a typical week & not one that’s filled with celebrations or vacations, because we all know our diets are not typical during those times.

Next, have a pen & paper handy & write down every single thing you consume or you can type it in your phone’s notes app. To get really precise also write down how you felt afterwards.

Once you’ve tracked at least a week, consider taking it with you when you next see your GP or health professional. They may be able to find patterns in what you were eating & how you felt or maybe suggest healthier alternatives.

When you begin to work out what are the best foods for you to consume for your healthy energy & wellbeing, commit to it & enjoy a higher quality of life.

As the saying goes “you are what you eat” & after your food diary exercise, you may be able to see how accurate that is.