How to Cook on a Budget

When you look through your expenses the cost of groceries, especially if you have a family, maybe the majority of where your money is spent. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot still cook & enjoy healthy meals if you’re on a budget.

It may mean that you have to be more aware of any ingredients that are on sale which you can cook with or bulk buy & store properly. Some supermarkets or grocers have consistent sales, which you can check online or in-store before you head out grocery shopping.

It may mean that you need to purchase cheaper brands. Be open to the fact that whilst not all brands are the same, many hardly differ in quality & a great way to explore other brands is by asking family & friends if they’ve tried the product & what their thoughts are.

Lastly, it may mean limiting any food wastage. Try & ensure you cook the amount your family will consume, including leftovers for the next day.