How to Declutter Your Bathroom

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, lots of skincare/beauty products or few, the organisation in the bathroom needs to be practical & convenient so you can easily get ready in the morning & for bed when night comes around.


Keeping sinks, baths & showers as clutter free is ideal as it really opens up your bathroom, however products need to be displayed to be used & this is where careful selection & placement is required, so that items don’t take up too much space & are only things you’ll use every day, that can’t be stored elsewhere, such as hand soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, loofas & towels.


Bathroom cupboards should ideally only hold those items that you need for skincare, hygiene or cleaning.

  • Open each cupboard & sort each item using the decluttering system
  • Once you’ve finished decluttering, give the cupboards a thorough clean.
  • Re-organise your cupboards into both functional & purposeful spaces for all members of your household.
    • You can sort by type, e.g. skincare, hygiene
    • You can sort by how often you use the items, e.g. most regularly used are easier to reach


Floors can get cluttered too, especially in corners where you may store things piled up until you’re “ready” to deal with them with them.

  • Declutter the floor as per the decluttering system
  • Once you’ve finished decluttering, give the floor a thorough clean.
  • Re-organise the floors so that only must-have items remain
  • If you need to store an item on the floor, first see if you can find another home for it as this will make cleaning the floors a lot easier.


Maintaining an organised bathroom is super important for cleanliness reasons & because it’ll then allow you to get in & out of the bathroom faster.

To help maintain bathrooms:

  • I decided to dedicate every Wednesday to the lounge rooms

What next?

Once you’ve decluttered your bathroom & understand how to maintain a clutter-free space you can:

  • Invest in durable & functional storage systems
  • Move on to other areas within your home
    • Bedrooms
    • Kitchen
    • Office/Study
    • Laundry
    • Loungerooms
    • Playrooms

Hope you found this helpful in getting your bathroom & linen under control & clutter-free.