How to Declutter Your Playroom

The playroom, where your children can be children having fun, learning & creating a toy mess! And to be honest I’m not really too bothered if it does get messy while they’re playing, it’s when they’re done & they don’t tidy up which gets me because all the toys, books & crafts have a home & they know where they belong.

Toy storage

If your playroom has toys, then you need some sort of toy storage, need it be boxes, baskets or storage units. Ideally if you can arrange them by category that would also make it even easier for children to find & place things back or you can also sort toys by child whilst still encouraging sharing.

Shelves & cupboards

The shelves/cupboards in your playroom need to be as child-friendly as possibly, so keep any more fragile items/toys on higher shelves/cupboards where possible.

  • For each shelf/cupboard, sort each item on them using the decluttering system
  • Once you’ve finished decluttering, give the shelves/cupboards a thorough clean.
  • Re-organise your shelves/cupboards into both functional & purposeful spaces for all members of your household.
    • You can sort by type of toys
    • You can keep them completely clutter-free


Most tables can attract so much mess & clutter in an instant!

  • Declutter the table surfaces as per the decluttering system
  • Once you’ve finished decluttering, give the table & any chairs a thorough clean.
  • Re-organise the table surface in a way that is visually pleasing & with both functionality & purposefulness in mind for all members of your household.
    • You can keep it completely bare
    • You can add a few drawing supplies to encourage children to write/draw at the tables


Floors can get cluttered too, especially in corners where you may store things piled up until you’re “ready” to deal with them with them.

  • Declutter the floor as per the decluttering system
  • Once you’ve finished decluttering, give the floor a thorough clean.
  • Re-organise the floors so that only must-have items remain
  • If you need to store an item on the floor, first see if you can find another home for it as this will make cleaning the floors a lot easier.


Maintaining an organised playroom allows your children to enjoy the space a lot more, as children feel clutter & disorganisation too.

To help maintain playrooms:

  • I decided to dedicate every Thursday to the lounge room & playroom

What next?

Once you’ve decluttered your playroom & understand how to maintain a clutter-free space you can:

  • Invest in durable & functional storage systems
  • Move on to other areas within your home
    • Bathrooms
    • Bedrooms
    • Office/Study
    • Kitchen
    • Pantry
    • Loungerooms

Hope you found this helpful in getting your playroom under control & clutter-free.