How to Make More Time for Faith

There’s a phrase we humans like to say a lot & that is – “I don’t have time”. It’s an excuse, sometimes legitimate, for why we don’t do something.

When it comes to Faith you can feel much more unsettled when you don’t devote more time to your beliefs. We can feel like we’re taking our faith for granted & not taking advantage of the positive energy it gives us when we focus on more than just the physical world.

On way to make more time for faith is to wake up early. Giving yourself an early start, when many other family members are still asleep, can mean productive time.

In order to wake up early & for overall health is to get a good night’s sleep. Ensure your sheets & pillow are clean & comfortable & that you’re off tech devices before you get the sleepy feeling.

However, making changes is not only about waking & sleeping, it’s also about habit changes. Making decisions to commit to spending more time on faith requires doing the work. This also means making faith a priority which is shown through the actions you take.