How to Organise Your Laundry

The laundry can be an easy room to mess up if you’re not careful. All it takes is for a family to miss a few days of washing & the piles begin to take over – that’s why I recommend doing laundry every day if possible, by allocating a different category to each day.


Many homes now have laundry’s with benchtops, however, if this is not the case for your laundry, do skip this part.

Much like in a kitchen, the benchtops are the most visible part of your laundry.

  • Evaluate what are your common clutter concerns, such as around the sink
  • Declutter the benchtop as per the decluttering system
  • Once you’ve finished decluttering, give the benchtop a thorough clean.
  • Reorganise your benchtop into a space that is both functional & purposeful.
    • What cleaning supplies do you need often?
    • Is there space for baskets to keep them off the floor?

Shelves & cupboards.

The shelves/cupboards in your laundry need to hold cleaning & household items that can be out of reach of young children.

  • For each shelf/cupboard, sort each item on them using the decluttering system
  • Once you’ve finished decluttering, give the shelves/cupboards a thorough clean.
  • Reorganise your shelves/cupboards into both functional & purposeful spaces for all members of your household.
    • What will you store on each shelf?
    • Can you organise by category?


Floors can get cluttered too, especially in corners where you may store things piled up until you’re “ready” to deal with them.

  • Declutter the floor as per the decluttering system
  • Once you’ve finished decluttering, give the floor a thorough clean.
  • Reorganise the floors so that only must-have items remain
  • If you need to store an item on the floor, first see if you can find another home for it as this will make cleaning the floors a lot easier.


Maintaining an organised laundry allows you to always be on top of your piles of laundry & makes it easier to sort, wash, dry, fold & pack away.

To help maintain the laundry:

  • I decided to do laundry most days of the week
  • I try to follow the R&T Rule (please read about this here)


Happy organising,