How Your Home Reflects Your Energy

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Have you ever looked at a messy part of your home – your bedroom, kitchen, dining table – & thought how did I get it this way?

It could be that you didn’t make that space/room a priority, you weren’t home to clean it up, you were neglectful or you had “zero energy” to attend to it. And in many cases, this lack of energy can impact everything you do or don’t do each day.

When we get tired our body is telling us we need to rest, to slow down. It can also be telling us that what we’re consuming or any physical activity we’re lacking is impacting our stamina.

After a long day at work, it’s easy & rightfully so, that you rest, relax & try to literally put your feet up. Of course, if you have young children that’s a lot more difficult.

What’s just as painstaking is the clutter in your home can reflect your energy. The more time & effort you can put into your home, the more it will reflect back on you. Just like the food we eat can show how fit & healthy we are or aren’t.

Stay tuned as we tackle this issue more closely in upcoming content.