Impact of Clutter on Your Health

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

Clutter is one of those things we all experience. From clothing to paperwork to children’s toys. And the longer you build it up the more painstaking it can get to deal with.

Constantly being surrounded by ‘stuff’ is not really ideal for anybody’s health & wellbeing. It can cause overwhelm, stress & even low self-image because we’re not finding comfort in our day-to-day & surroundings.

The impacts of stress on our health is well documented. Clutter can lead to stress because it limits your ability to find things, make quick decisions, entertain or be comfortable in your surroundings.

The low self-image you can get due to clutter is focused around the fact you know you shouldn’t live that way & don’t know why you do it. Understanding why you live with clutter can help you deal with it so you can get back to feeling like your regular self.