The Importance of Daily Routines


Routines are similar to habits in that they consist of tasks we do often. They’re tasks we do in the same order &/or at the same time each day.

Many people have morning routines as an important way to start their day, which can include prayer, exercise & breakfast. Also many have evening routines as a way to end their day & get prepared for bedtime, which can include prayer, reading & skin care.

Essentially it’s the predictability of routines that make them appealing as well as including tasks, which make a significant impact on how we begin & end our busy days.

Why You Need Routines.

Routines are a great way to start & end your day, as well as create an opportunity to commit to certain tasks.

For example, if you want to get healthy, you may include exercise in your morning routine & meal planning to part of your Sunday night routine. By doing so, you’re giving yourself a chance to pursue & commit to your goals & intentions.

How to Create Routines.

Creating a new routine is not that difficult though it does require commitment & self-discipline.

To create one:

  • List the goal or outcome of the routine
    • start the day energised
    • end the day peacefully
    • take care of my skin
    • eat more health
  • List what tasks will contribute to the goal/outcome
  • List what order they can be completed
  • Are their any days when you cannot do this routine?
    • If so, create a different routine for that day
  • Try the routine & see how it goes
    • Modify it if you experience any hurdles