Why You Need Self-Discipline to Live More Organised

Self-discipline is about having the ability to control yourself in certain situations & control the behaviours you display because you have a focus or outcome in mind.

It’s an important second step within The Organised Lifestyle™ Program & covers procrastination, motivation, distractions & growth, which can all teach us a thing or two on how to be disciplined despite any fears or obstacles.

Also, being able to show commitment to the type of person you want to be, the type of life you want to live, requires self-discipline.

Examples include:

  • Being able to resist a drink of water on a hot, Ramadan day is self-discipline
  • Waking up for fajr on a cold morning is self-discipline
  • Looking after your health is self-discipline
  • Maintaining a tidy & organised home is self-discipline.

How does self-discipline contribute to an organised lifestyle?

As touched on above, when you’re self-disciplined, you’re giving yourself a chance to take control of your time by being committed to certain behaviours. This means you can accomplish more in your day-to-day because your focus is quite clear & the outcomes of your actions are important to you.

Why you need self-discipline.

Self-discipline sets you up for the second step in The Organised Lifestyle™ Program – the one on taking action.

If you don’t respond to the issues that arise when you’re procrastinating, demotivated, distracted or aiming for perfection you’re really going to end up nowhere. You’ll more than likely get nothing done because there’s too much that will delay you.

However, it’s in practising self-discipline that you’ll find it easier to keep yourself focussed & wanting to do more & be more in’sha’Allah.

How to be self-disciplined.

If you’re interested in The Organised Lifestyle Program™ – step 2 covers the how-to on practising self-discipline.

The areas specifically are:

  • Procrastination
  • Motivation
  • Distractions
  • Growth over perfection

Each of these topics & the lessons within will introduce ideas that you can apply in your life (if suitable).

Once you’re in a good place with your self-discipline, you’ll then be ready to move onto step 3 within the program, which is about taking action.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about self-discipline in the comments below.