How to Organise Your Home Office

The home office is usually where all the ‘serious stuff’ happens like paying bills, catching up on emails or doing important work (if you work from home). So because of all this “seriousness” that goes on it’s super important that you can be as productive as possible in your home office … so you can get back to the more fun aspect of your life.


Office/work desks can get super messy if youre not careful.

  • Declutter the desk surface (you can learn more about the decluttering system I use here)
  • Once you’ve finished decluttering, give the desk & any chairs a thorough clean
  • Reorganise the desk in a way that is visually pleasing & with both functionality & purposefulness for those that use it
  • You can keep it as bare as possible, with stationery to a minimum
  • You can allow laptops/desktops to have a dedicated spot as well as room for writing

Shelves & cupboards.

The shelves/cupboards in your home office need to store items you need to get work started & completed.

  • For each shelf/cupboard, sort each item on them
  • Once you’ve finished decluttering, give the shelves/cupboards a thorough clean
  • Reorganise your shelves/cupboards into both functional & purposeful spaces for all that use the room
  • You can sort by category, eg. documents, stationery, supplies


Floors can get cluttered too, especially in corners where you may store things piled up until you’re “ready” to deal with them (I’ve done that!).

  • Declutter the floor
  • Once you’ve finished decluttering, give the floor a thorough clean
  • Reorganise the floors so that only must-have items remain
  • If you need to store an item on the floor, first see if you can find another home for it as this will make cleaning the floors a lot easier


Maintaining an organised home office allows you to get work done in a positive atmosphere.

To help maintain home offices:

  • I decided to tidy up my desk every time I finish my work there
  • I try to follow the R&T Rule which you can read about here