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I'm Fatima.

A camera-shy, introverted, organised lifestyle consultant, wife & mother of 3, wanting to help you live more organised in’sha’Allah.

“Together let’s overcome the clutter & create spaces of visual bliss”


In this FREE audio training, learn three simple steps that’ll help you control the clutter & create functional spaces so you can enjoy your surroundings so much more.

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Learn how to declutter & organise your home.


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How To Declutter Your Kitchen

How To Declutter Your Kitchen

The kitchen is sometimes seen as the heart of the home – where friends & families get together to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or a relaxing coffee - & nothing quite brings people together like delicious food!

How to Start Meal Planning

How to Start Meal Planning

They say "you are what you eat" - so if you're regularly making unhealthy choices or rushing meals every night, then you could be impacting your well being. Instead, consider meal planning, so your decisions are healthier & you can be the best version of you.

“Create an organised lifestyle so you can make more time for the people & things you love”