How to Plan Your ‘Me Time’

‘Me time’ is such a popular topic lately & rightly so.

You see, I can encourage you to value self-care through healthy living, being self-aware & confident & also learning to de-stress & be grateful, however, you also need to factor in some ‘me time’ whether that means alone time or not.

Ever since I began pursuing my organised lifestyle I’ve had to address the importance of having moments to myself, doing things that I love that make me feel renewed somewhat (even if it’s for a day or an hour).

But it’s hard, I know that. Their’s young children, work demands, friendship & family commitments, which all eat away at our time … So that’s why you have to have a plan – a focused method of actions to get you creating more ‘me time’ moments.

Does ‘me time’ have to mean alone time?

Certainly not! Personally, I do like it when I get some alone time to be able to make all the decisions on my own but it’s also nice when you have somebody with you, especially a sister who also needs some ‘me time’.

Whenever I get the chance to get ‘me time’ I do sometimes invite a friend from my inner circle who I think would enjoy whatever activity I’m planning & they do the same with me.

Not only does that strengthen our friendship, our sisterhood, it also creates even better memories because you’ve had someone to chat with, travel with or have fun with that is not someone you’re married to or parenting & sees every single day.

Why You Should Have ‘Me Time’?

In my opinion, everybody should have ‘me time’ – both men & women.

And this is why:

  • It gives you time to be alone
    • To reconnect with a hobby
    • To do something you love
    • To do a much-needed self-care practice
    • To be away from the “noise” of other people
    • To refresh your body & mind
  • It gives you time to be with your spouse or children
    • To reconnect with one another
    • To prioritise your relationship
    • To have quality moments together
  • It gives you time to spend with a friend
    • To reconnect with one another
    • To prioritise your friendship

How to plan ‘me time’.

Planning your ‘me time’ is a great way to do more of it.

Below is a 4 step process on how to plan ‘me time’ by considering as much of the details as possible.

  1. The Idea
    • decide on what your ‘me time’ idea is (the list of 20 options is below or consider your own)
    • keep it realistic to your budget & availability
  2. The People
    • decide on who needs to know about your plans (eg. spouse, children, employer)
    • decide what help you may need from others (eg. recommendations, babysitting)
  3. The Logistics
    • decide on what you need or how to get there (eg. transportation, certain items)
    • if you’re staying home for ‘me time’ consider how you’re going to get household members out of there!
  4. The Focus
    • decide what you can do to eliminate distractions (eg. put your phone on silent)
    • decide what you intend to accomplish

Now, of course, the way any woman wants to spend her ‘me time’ is entirely up to her, however, these are 20 ideas which I can suggest if you’re after any suggestions.

  1. Start journal writing
  2. Read a good book
  3. Watch a film or documentary
  4. Go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  5. Try a new recipe
  6. Go on a short vacation
  7. Go for a weekend away
  8. Go on a shopping outing
  9. Get a refreshing facial
  10. Get a massage
  11. Get a henna tattoo
  12. Get a haircut with styling
  13. Attend a learning class
  14. Attend a hobby class or club
  15. Go for a walk in the outdoors
  16. Go to a fitness class
  17. Go out for a coffee/tea/smoothie
  18. Have a women-only dinner party
  19. Get the whole house to yourself
  20. Sleep or blissfully do nothing!


Happy me time,




  1. Masha’Allah. Great post, Fatima! Me time is critical. I really like that you said “me time” can include others, if that’s what feels right for them. ❤

  2. Ma sha Allah, I love my ‘me times’ I enjoy it mostly alone because I love to reflect on where I am at the moment with my life. I’ve not thought it in terms of having a family or friend around for it, though. I shall try that.

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