How Planning Will Change Your Day

You’ve had your morning coffee (or beverage of choice) & pause to reflect on what needs to be done first today – should you check your emails? Exercise? Prep ingredients for dinner? You’re unsure, a little overwhelmed & it’s not even 8am!

Enter the solution for this – planning. Planning your day.

Yes, it’s that pen & paper approach from the “olden days” that is still relevant today … though a quick look through the Apple store or Google Play can find you a suitable app option too.

But what is planning *exactly* & why should you do it? Let’s explore …

Why Plan?

Planning is essentially all about setting your intention & being prepared to do something by giving certain tasks a day & time for when they will be undertaken. It includes having a suitable environment & the right resources to do the task successfully. For example, you wouldn’t just arrive at an appointment if you hadn’t pre-booked it or you wouldn’t start cooking if you hadn’t prepared the ingredients – you can see both scenarios require a type of planning.

How to Plan?

Honestly, though I do sell printable planners, I’m not going to tell you that you need to buy mine or anyone else’s in order to start planning. All you really need are pens & a notebook, which is actually how I started, & an attitude of wanting to achieve more in your everyday life.

You can begin by thinking about your priorities for tomorrow & asking two questions: what must be done because it cannot be done on any other day? At what time does it need to be done by?

Next, you can look at writing down a to-do list of items you may be able to accomplish & which can be moved to another day if required. I know many people feel discouraged when there are not many to-do list tasks ticked off for the day, however, as long as they’re not priorities & you’re not purposely procrastinating then don’t sweat it – it’ll only make you feel more overwhelmed than before.

When to Plan?

Realistically planning doesn’t stop because life happens. Things that are priorities one day are not the next, tasks that needed sunshine may get hampered by rain. So the answer for when to plan is – always! Let your plans be flexible where you can adjust & move tasks here & there as required.

When you’re first starting to plan, find some time in the evening to prepare for the next day. Again write down your priorities & to-do list & when the day is done see what needs to be moved to the next day.

Will this Change My Day?

Certainly, in most cases, you’ll notice a big impact from planning on your everyday life. Ideally, you’ll find you’re getting more done, you have a clear focus for the day because you know what to do. This then will limit any stress or feelings of overwhelm which come from having many objectives or goals in life.

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