7 Reasons Why You Need A Cherished Inner Circle

Many people I know have childhood friends who they’ve had constantly in their lives as they started school & experienced the ups & downs of growing up as well as milestones such as getting married & having children.

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I went to a few schools growing up so I don’t really have many childhood friends (I think only 1 to be exact from my teen years). Instead what I do have now as a thirty-something & what I cherish with all my heart is that I’ve got an amazing group of ladies, sisters, I say are my inner circle.

My inner circle is like a support group but without all the seriousness you may find in “official support groups” for let’s say health or fitness. It’s a close-knit group where we can be ourselves, where we can be vulnerable if we need to & know that one of the sisters will either tell us “we love you anyway” or “snap out of it!” (maybe not those exact words & lots more emoji-action if we’re Whats-apping).

We can ask each other questions, share our highs & lows & be ourselves whether we’re introverts, extroverts, or extroverted-introverts! We disagree, we agree, we cry, we laugh out loud, we share what we’re cooking, we share our children’s moments & we share painful times we maybe facing too. Our phones buzz from the morning to late in the evening & we always know there’s someone there.

Now, I’ve talked a few times about inner circles on social media & have compiled some reasons on why I believe every woman, especially mothers (as motherhood can get so lonely) should have a cherished inner circle.

1. To Be Understood

Being understood or at the very least having people attempt to understand your point of view or situation is emotionally rewarding. Many times we over-think what’s going on in our lives or play the “what-if?” games when all we really need is someone(s) to “get us” & also share their thoughts & ideas with us too.

It’s super important that your inner circle are people who understand you. And if they don’t, that they’re all comfortable enough to say they don’t.

2. To Share The Love

Who doesn’t want more love in this world? And your inner circle can be just that if you all embrace one another as sisters – to lift each other up & treat one another like a sister, literally.

I don’t have any blood-related-sisters myself but I certainly love dearly all the fabulous ladies in my inner circle … which reminds me, I need to say that more often!

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3. To Have A Laugh

Is laughter really the best medicine? Well, if you’ve ever met the ladies in my inner circle, you’d say yes!

We laugh at ourselves, we laugh at our husbands & children (who can be equally tricky to handle & adorable at the same time!) & all the Muslim memes which sometimes need explaining.

Whether we laugh out loud or just smile, it can very much lift our moods & have us in a more positive state of mind. A more positive & happy mind then means our stresses are much easily dealt with & our joys are much more heartfelt.

Smile! It’s Sunnah xo

4. To Find Support

Help & support is something we all need at one stage or another & especially when you’re a busy mother.

It may be advice, babysitting or a helping hand & can really strengthen your inner circle. You may find you’ll have your “go-to-sisters” for those good at Arabic, for those that are always realistic & logical or those that are good listeners.

And overall you know you’ve got someone who has your back when you really need it.

5. To Find Guidance

Similar to support, some days all you want is some guidance, some advice especially when you’re facing an unfamiliar situation. You want to hear about times when they may have experienced the same thing so you can learn from them.

And another great aspect of an inner circle is that you feel so much more comfortable to share more than you would with a friend or aquaintance who you don’t see or talk to often.

6. For Personal Growth

Another amazing thing about an inner circle & something you should definitely cherish is the personal growth you’ll experience from having such strong relationships. you’ll be constantly reminded about what true friendship really means & how important it is that the sisterhood as I like to call it is strong & empowering.

7. To Set An Example

As all parents do, I see myself & my husband as examples for our children, whether at home or at work. And one thing I want to teach them is the beauty of an inner circle. Of course I want them to be friends with everybody, but in reality eventually, they will only have a handful of friends who they will cherish the most & I pray they will see my inner circle as an example of that.

So there you have it – my reasons on why you need a cherished inner circle.

Q. I’d love to know if you have an inner circle & what it means to you too.

~ Fatima xo

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