Save Food by Planning Your Meals

Meal planning can seem daunting for some people, however, there are so many benefits of doing it. One benefit, in particular, is the amount of food that you can potentially save by meal planning.

When you know exactly what you want to cook for the week, it makes it so much easier to know what to buy & the quantities you need of each ingredient.

Meal plan by:

  1. Decide on the meals for the week
  2. Refer to a recipe card or ingredients list for each meal
  3. Write down a shopping list & go grocery shopping
  4. Prepare ingredients for the week’s meals
  5. Store any extra ingredients properly (fridge, freezer or pantry)
  6. Think about ingredients, that are close to their used by date, to add to meals

Food wastage is a big problem around the world, especially the amount of wastage disposed of by grocery stores. If we can be more conscious of what we purchase, consume & throw away, we will be doing our part to limiting the food wastage in our part of the world.