Why Waiting for Perfection is Hurting You

Growth over perfection means that you’re making gradual changes for the better rather than setting out for immediate perfection (which isn’t easily achievable anyway).

Many consider perfection to be one of the reasons they procrastinate, so by understanding that small steps, slowly climbing up the ‘organised lifestyle ladder’ is much better than striving for something such as immediate perfection which is too hard a goal.

You being here reading about a component of The Organised Lifestyle™ Program is one example of growth because you have taken the first step to begin learning what I share. I don’t expect you to become an organisation whiz tomorrow, but I do think you’ll start looking at your time & life in a different way.

I should mention that growth doesn’t stop. It’s important that we continually strive to be better & do better every day in’sha’Allah.

Why growth over perfection?

As already mentioned – perfection is NOT achievable!

However, you can certainly work towards perfection by every day improving on what you’ve done previously. Of course, you’ll not reach perfection as there is always something that can be changed or improved.

So this step by step improvement is called growth (or progress) & requires that you be self-disciplined towards applying such steps.

When I started getting organised around my home, there were many times where I had to change certain organising systems because they no longer worked for my family. An example is when I began meal planning – I decided to do two weeks at a time, however, it got more difficult as my husband travels often with work, which meant I needed to make smaller portions so that now I meal plan each week.

How to embrace growth over perfection?

The way to embrace growth over perfection is to truly believe that perfection is not possible.

If you do that but still feel “stuck” & not moving forward look into your self-beliefs to understand why you’re not able to become self-disciplined & take steps towards growth.

We may have thoughts & ideas in our minds of how outcomes or results should pan out, however, you won’t see any results at all if you don’t start, if you don’t take steps, if you don’t grow.

Please understand that everything, including living more organised, takes time & patience, & is only possible once you begin. Whilst nobody can be organised overnight, if you apply many of my organising tips in’sha’Allah & look back after a few days or weeks you’ll immediately see how far you’ve come & that is what I call “growth over perfection”.