What Your Desk Says About You


Our surroundings can say a lot about us – what style we have, what our priorities are or how we spend our time. And our desks can tell us about what kind of workday we had, how productive we were & what we still need to do.

It’s no doubt that our work areas should be as organised & tidy as possible, however, when we’ve got so much to do it can get overloaded with paperwork & other work-related items. This doesn’t always mean you’re a disorganised person but it can impact your productivity.

If possible try to limit how much items you place on your desk & consider new filing or storage systems that work for you. Papers & documents you need to regularly refer to should be easy to reach & all others labelled & stored neatly.

At the end of the day try & give yourself 5 minutes to give your desk a tidy up, especially if you job-share with others. By doing this you’re giving yourself & co-workers the benefit of starting the next working day with a clutter-free space.